Magic is a long established practice on Solenir, with wizards, artificiers, and priests trained in sanctioned colleges. Most Bellusan citizens have access to a few minor enchantments: flameless lanterns, emergency medicine, cabinets that preserve food and repel pests. The government uses crystal balls and enchanted messengers to carry commands and news far faster than horse messengers. Ships carry metromancers to help find good winds, while magewrights allow fast and fanciful construction. As a kind of technology, most enchantments require cosseting and maintenance, and tend to fade away after a few years. The magical energy for all the enchantments is far beyond the ability of spellcaster’s own souls. There’s an active trade in ores, gems, and rare plants and animal parts rich in raw magic. In the past few decades great Cloister-Factories have sprung up, where the prayers of the urban poor are turned into quintessence for industrial enchanting. The more powerful energy is the harder it is to harness, which means that a true magical industrial revolution is impossible, but magic has left its mark on the world.

These are some common items of military magitech that you might see around Solenir.

Airship: Something like a cross between a small boat and a giant silver dragonfly, airships hop over jungles and mountains to carry troops directly into battle. Airships can transport about a dozen people.

Arcaballista: By combining mechanical and magical principles, the Arcaballista can fire projectiles for miles, and its enchanted shots can seek out foes, explode into flame, spread poison gas, or shatter stones. Arcaballista support is central to Bellic tactics.

Chiller: Cold air is a luxury in the heat and humidity of Solenir. The chiller consumes a constant trickle of quintessence to produce enough cold air to keep a room comfortable and dry. The presence of a chiller is a sign of great wealth and ostentatious use of magic.

Legionary Standard: More than just a flag to rally around, Standards are enchanted with wards that bolster bravery, turn back arrows, and block harmful magics.

Lightning Lance (+1 Shock Trident): The Legions are transitioning en mass to this advanced weapon which homes in on metal armor, unleashes powerful blasts of electricity, and returns to the wielder’s hand after being thrown. It’s handier and more deadly than the old steel longspear, but there are nasty rumors that the enchantment fails at the most inconvenient times.

Palantir: A development of the traditional crystal ball, the Palantir allows anyone with a little bit of training to set up an audio link to another Palantir within moments. The standard PLT-25 used by the Bellusan military in Solenir weighs 20 pounds and has a range between 10 and 30 miles depending on conditions.

Siege Golem: When the Legions absolutely want something crushed, they break out the Golems. Massive iron monstrosities, golems can march through a phalanx without even slowing down, crushing men and spraying poison gas. Outside of battle they’re used as earth moving equipment. A Siege Golem can dig trenches and berms as quickly as a battalion of 100 men.


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