The war in Solenir has already dragged on for decades, first between goblin and eladrin, and now between the victors of that first war, and the Bellic supported Kingdom of Solenir. Some things remain the same; large battles are few and far between, the jungle makes moving armies difficult. Ambush, skirmish, and constant raiding characterize this war. Bellic and Royalist tactics are based around the use of firepower, either large formations of men when they can be brought to bear, or magic when they cannot. Chaos is much weaker, and retreats when pressed, instead focusing their efforts on a guerrilla conflict in the countryside.

The war has been mostly fought in South Solenir. The eladrin experience at Mar Du Ong, along with numerous skirmishes, has given the Bellic military a healthy respect for the dangers of being cut off in the jungle. In an effort to cut down on possible infiltration routes, large areas of the countryside have been despoiled with powerful magic, the very life sucked out of the plants. Nothing lives for long in these barren wastelands. The Winged Hussars and strategic mages mount raids into North Solenir, but the only major target is Dong Nyzaal, and as a half-drow city, attacking it would dangerously escalate tensions between the two major powers.

The war is an omnipresent fact of life in Solenir, but most goblins just want to survive. It is like the weather, something you endure, and curse when it finds you. Many people have relatives serving in both the RAKS and the guerrillas, and there is an uneasy and implicit truce between local forces that leaves civilians out of the worst reprisals. Government officials and guerrillas are legitimate targets for assassination, but their families are left alone.

The war is tearing apart the Bellic Empire. What started as a minor commitment to an ally has grown into the biggest conflict since the orcish wars. Ten of thousands of soldiers have lost their lives in the jungle, and the ever growing demand for draftees is emptying out villages. The Emperor and his ministers have been unable to convince the country that victory is possible, especially since the massive Chaos offensive in ’68. Nobody wants to die in Solenir, and moral in the Legions has plummeted. The past few years have seen some cautious reductions in violence, but nobody believes that South Solenir is capable of defending itself.

Major Events: You might hear some people refer to these events as turning points in the War.
3454: Battle of Mar Du Ong. The Eladrin army is defeated in a lengthy siege by Kay Vane’s Chaos forces. Shortly thereafter, they flee the country. King Pham I is installed by the Bellic Empire.

3463: Escalating Chaos attacks and subversion nearly topple the Kingdom of Solenir. Nehmara orders Operation Blue Thunder, a series of escalating raids by the Winged Hussars into North Solenir. The raids do not topple Kay Vane’s leadership.

3465: Operation Blue Thunder is cancelled. The 4th Legion is sent to Solenir, marking the first deployment of main Bellic forces, as opposed to advisory officers and other specialists. Nehmara claims that victory is close at hand.

3468: The Ghan Offensive. Chaos forces break the traditional New Year’s celebration of Ghan with a series of attacks across the entire country. The city of Binh Bien is captured for over a week, and elite sappers storm the Bellic Embassy in Halan. Although the attack is beaten off, the ability of the enemy to mount such a large offensive shakes public faith in Nehmara’s prouncements of victory, and leads to a turning of public opinion against the war.

3471: The Present Day. The war has settled to a slow boil of violence.


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