This planet is called Machis. It is the same size as the world that you know, and uses the terrestrial calendar. The biggest difference is that Machis is geocentric. The sun and moon are smaller bodies that orbit the planet. Machis has three major continents, and a host of smaller islands.


Bellus: Bellus is home to the Bellic Empire, and is controlled completely by law. Bellus has a wide and varied temperate climate, with large riverine plains, ancient forests, majestic mountains, and rocky deserts.

Utreshnaya: The largest contient, Utreshnaya is a rugged wilderness home to many monstrous races of Chaos. The western shore is lined with low, rocky hills, rich in coal and other minerals. Just behind the hills stretch the endless steppes which were the ancestral homeland of the orcs, at least until the Orcish Wars. A massive mountain range fills the center of Utreshnaya, inhabited by giants, dragons, and worse. To the south lies the Yuan-Ti empire of Sikassin, shrouded in rainforest, and on the eastern edge of Utreshnaya is Solenir.

Zanabia: To south of Bellus is Zanabia, a continent shattered by war between the dragonborn and tieflings. Centuries of warfare devastated the north part of the continent, magic scorching the life from the earth till there was nothing but endless desert. Now the ancient and proud dragonborn empire of Arkhosia clings to a few scattered fishing town and the floodplain of the Vois river, while the remenants of Bael Turath hide in mountain fastnesses, reduced to raiding and banditry. The coast of Zanabia is home to many tiny kingdom, separated from each other by miles of treacherous wilderness. The interior forests and velts are almost entirely unexplored.

Yldrago: The most important nonaligned state is the Yldrago Commonwealth, an unruly confederation gnomish nobles. While there is an emperor, he is mostly a figurehead. Daimyos compete fiercely for the privileged of having the Emperor as a “guest”, which usually means hostage. With their island nations and powerful fleet, they’re strong enough to stand up to Law and Chaos, and they have grown rich off their position as the gateway between the two powers. Their islands are a hotbed of espionage and covert attempts by the major powers to subvert various daimyos, although the gnomish feudal lords seem to enjoy fleecing both sides.

Homakalanu Archipelago: A tropical paradise of volcanic islands and coral reefs, the Homakalanu Archipelago is inhabited by cannibal halfling tribes, half-elven voodoo cults, and pirates of every nationality. The Bellic Empire has several large naval bases in the area, along with a handful of rapidly developing colonies. Disorganized and cut off from drow support, Homakalanans were relatively easy to conquer. Many Bellic officers and Sentinel agents served in Homakalanu at some point, as a respite from Solenir.

Velenka: A frozen land of jagged rocks and glaciers to the north, bases on Velenka defend Bellus from another invasion. Velenka is poor, with a few fishing villages barely holding on, but the interior holds vast mineral wealth, if only the frost giants who lived there could be removed. A chain of fortified labor camps holds orc prisoners relocated after the war.

The Underdark: Endless caverns wind their way under Machis, and it is here that the drow and other foul monsters of Chaos make their homes. Ancient ruins and natural caves provide passage between the underdark and the surface, and in Utreshnaya these portals are major centers of trade and civilization. In Bellus, all known portals to the underdark are sealed and monitored by the Sentinels. Fearsome traps and guardians are kept deep within the tunnels to kill unwary drow raiding parties.


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