Forces of Chaos

Goblin guerrillas are the most common chaotic force in Solenir. Local warriors lead by a single charismatic commander, guerrillas try to avoid combat. Guerrillas are equipped with scavenged weapons and have little formal training, but they are not to be underestimated in battle, striking from ambush and fading into the jungle before more powerful Bellic forces can respond. They spend most of their time dodging patrols and disrupting the Kingdom’s control of the countryside. Many villages see the guerrillas far more often than they see government officials.

Goblin warbands are the striking fist of Chaotic forces. Sneaking into Solenir from the north, warbands are equipped with well-made weapons, and often have clerics, warlocks, and other powerful beings attached. Warbands are sophisticated enough to have specialized shock troops and skirmishers, along with supporting magic. Their style of combat is similar to the guerrillas, but in they attack in greater numbers with better tactics.

Chaos Cadres have infiltrated far into the Kingdom of Solenir. Small groups of experienced agents, including spellcasters, the cadres spread the foul ideology of chaos, and use terror and assassination against the rightful government. Cadres act in tandem with guerillas bands, augmenting the guerrillas with leadership and magic. Cadres and Sentinels fight a shadow war in Solenir.

Chaos has bound many powerful monsters to its side. Demons and elementals are creatures of chaos, while local animal have been corrupted with foul magic to turn them into weapons. Some intelligent monsters have been bribed with gold and items of power to fight alongside the goblins. Monsters are a deadly threat, wherever they appear.

Behind everything that happens in Solenir are the drow. The secretive race of dark elves supplies the goblins with magic and weapons that they could not obtain on their own. Few drow have even been seen by Bellic soldiers, at least, Bellic soldiers who are still alive. Capturing a drow adviser would be the intelligence coup of the war.

Forces of Chaos

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