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Vietnam in Photos

Life magazine has some chilling photosets of combat in from the Vietnam War.

War in the Sky

LIFE in Vietnam

Updating the Emerald Regiment

Assuming that all the veterans of the Emerald Regiment want to return for UNB, I have some thoughts on how character backgrounds can be adjusted to fit the game.

Clyde: A great warrior but a lousy soldier. Though you’ve served three tours in Solenir and are a decorated one-man assault squad, you keep getting busted down in the ranks because you’re insubordinate, and spend your time off-duty drinking, fighting, and getting in trouble. After the latest disciplinary hearing, command has offered you a choice. Spend the next several years in the stockade, or volunteer for a ‘special mission’ with the Sentinels. Your heritage is an issue, since the Bellic Empire recently fought and won a war against the orcs. Who are your parents, and how did they meet? Is it an ugly story of rape and power in the orcish slave camps, or are your parents happily married (except mom is an orc)? Inspiration: Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket.

Vice: The Sentinels brought you back as the perfect assassin, with inhuman endurance, night-fighting skills, and no moral qualms whatsoever. You are a knife pointed at the heart of chaos. In the past you were a soldier, a hero, but that person is dead. His memories keep leaking back, which was not according to plan. Who were you, and does that matter to the person you are now? (and maybe tone down the necrophilia. suggested alternative… cannibalism) Inspiration: Captain Willard from Apocalypse Now.

Thalai: The Goliath tribes have a long-standing relationship with the Sentinels, serving as mercenaries, rangers, and local guides. You’ve been doing this for a while. For you, the big questions are what victory means, if war has changed you, and how the decades long struggle has affected your home tribe. Are they safe, or has the war attrited them down to just a few survivors. The goliath tribes are egalitarian, so being a female warrior doesn’t matter, but the Bellic Empire is a moderately sexist. Inspiration: Montagnard tribes.

Kat: The Eladrin have a complicated history in Solenir. Maybe you’re a refugee, back for revenge, or maybe you signed up for another reason. Either way, the Sentinels have a fond appreciation for enchanters in a war of “hearts and minds.” Kat’s flighty nature might be difficult to reconcile with the hazards or war. You might also want to look at the Essentials Mage, which does enchantment better than the PHB wizard. Inspiration: ??

New players-Brenden, Jennifer, Julie?: We have an opening for a Leader, and once that’s filled, more striker and defenders are always appreciated. Let me know what you thinking about, and how familiar you are with D&D 4e.

Character Creation

Hello, and welcome to the game. Strong characters, with realistic desires, strengths, and flaws are at the core of a great game. Please read the campaign setting, and figure out how your character fits in. With that, here are some things to think about during character creation.

The Basics: Name, Race, Class, Party Role

Who are you: Physical description, where you’re from, your job, social background, important people in your life, organizations you belong to, interests and hobbies.

Personality: How do you come across to others, and does it match your “inner self”? How do you deal with authority, corruption, violence? Have you thought much about life and your purpose in the world, or do you tend to just go with the flow? Are you religious, political, serious, frivolous, violent, or a diplomat?

Goals: Everybody wants something. Maybe you think you know how this war can be won, maybe you’re searching for somebody you lost, or trying to lose yourself. Maybe you’re just following orders, or maybe all you want is to get out alive.

New characters begin at 5th level, with appropriate gold and magic items.
Characters coming in from the Emerald Regiment get to start at 6th level, with possible adjustments to items (likely up). Rebuilding is possible, and may even be advised.


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