Forces of Law

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The Sentinels: The Sentinels are an ancient order with a simple mission: to defend Law by any means necessary. Sentinel agents weave scraps of rumor into reliable intelligence, find allies in the unlikeliest places, retrieve lost artifacts of power, and go toe-to-toe with the deadliest champions of Chaos. The Sentinels were once a powerful force, but the scope of the war in Solenir has drawn down their strength, and agents must operate with what resources they can scrounge. Sentinels typically work alone or in pairs, and for specialized skills round out their numbers with allies from other organizations, or in dire circumstance, mercenaries. The Sentinels are closely associated with the Bellic Empire, but are an independent organization not under Imperial, military, or religious command. The military sees them as unreliable allies who make unreasonable demands on soldiers, while religious official believe that Sentinels sometimes become too close to the thing they are meant to fight.

In Solenir, the Sentinels are have a dual mission of ferreting out hidden Chaos activities in the towns and cities, and giving the goblins the means to defend themselves by training native agents clever and tenacious enough to defeat their chaotic counterparts. The status of most Sentinel agents is an open secret, but there are always rumors of senior agents of whom nobody knows, on deep-cover missions in distant villages and even into the north.

The senior Sentinel in Solenir is Procurator Roland Vatel. The Sentinels are controlled by a Council of Five Directors, working from the Krak Retanion outside of Kilingrad.

Ranks: Disciple, Agent, Operative, Procurator, Director.
The Sentinel Creed

Forces of Law:
The Bellic Army is the mightiest military force on the planet. Its doctrine is based around major engagements, using defensive tactics to turn the initial enemy attack, shattering their ranks with magic, and then charging home over the scorched bodies of their foes. The backbone of the army are the Legions, formations of heavy infantry with integrated arcane and divine support. A massed Bellic legion can stop any charge, and devastate the foe from afar with fireballs. Magical logistics supports the army with clerical hospitals and strategic divination. General Estelle Eckhard holds supreme command.

Goblins do not fight in massive hordes like orcs, and in Solenir the Legions have been reduced to chasing an elusive foe through difficult country. In order to pin the goblins down, the army has developed a strategy of building fortified firebases deep in enemy territory. Using enchanted catapults, these bases rain fire down on enemy units from miles away.

Ranger Battalions are formations of skirmishers, skilled in woodcraft and ranged combat. The rangers are some of the best units in the army, capable of fighting the enemy on his own terms. Rangers are equipped with a bow, a machete, and a variety of throwing weapons. They tend not to respect rank and doctrine as much as other soldiers. Many elves serve in Ranger units.

Airships are a new, and vital part of Bellic tactics. Many of distant bases can only be supplied from the air, and commanders use the mobility provided by airships to ambush goblin guerillas, dropping troops in unexpected places and raining fire down from above. A typical airship carries 30 dragoons, two ballistas, and one mage.

Winged Hussars are the elite of the Bellic army. Cavalry mounted entirely on hippogriffs, squadrons of Winged Hussars tear across the Kingdom of Solenir, seeking out the enemy and destroying him wherever they meet. Hussars are renown for their near insane bravery and their use of overwhelming force. “Death from Above!” is their motto.
Ranks: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Major, Colonel, General

The Inquisition is responsible for rooting out Chaos in the citizenry and government. In Solenir, they are a major military intelligence organization, and are responsible for ensuring the loyalty of the Kingdom of Solenir. The Inquisition oversees a massive program of systemic interrogation, correlating thousands of confessions and captured documents into a more or less coherent picture of enemy activity. There is longstanding enmity between the Inquisition and the Sentinels over the proper methods for fighting Chaos. Head of the Inquisition in Solenir is Exquisitor Duval Montserrat
Ranks: Practical, Inquisitor, Inquisitor Superior, Exquisitor

The RAKS (Royal Army of the Kingdom of Solenir) are goblins aligned with law. The RAKS is modeled along the lines of the Bellic legions, but with less training and equipment. RAKS are notoriously unreliable; their officers especially have a reputation for corruption and cowardice. The RAKS’ failure to engage in combat has allowed large parts of the country to fall to Chaos. If something is not done soon, the Bellic Empire will be forced to intervene with its full strength.
Ranks: As Bellic Army

Province Chieftains can call upon the Special Militia for missions too sensitive for the RAKS. A paramilitary police force responsible directly to civilian officials, the Special Militia is composed of the most reliable goblins, and directly defend the kingdom’s political system, serving as bodyguards and secret police. The Specials are notorious for getting results by any means necessary; though effective, sensitive souls should not dwell on their methods.
Ranks: Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major

The Independent Resistance Forces are a goliath and shifter militia trained by the Sentinels. Compared to the RAKS, IRF is poorly equipped, but has better morale. They know the mountains like the backs of their hands, and have successfully wrested some areas back from Chaos. Unfortunately, their numbers are too few to carry out major offensive operations.
Ranks: Warrior, Captain, Warden, Warlord

The Alliance for Moral, Economic, and National Development (AMEND) is the umbrella group under which all civilian work is conducted in Solenir. Their mission is to build the infrastructure and institutions of the Kingdom of Solenir, schools, hospitals, churches and roads. AMEND is very heterogeneous, composed of religious, civil, mercantile, and even foreign organizations. AMEND officials can direct truly staggering amounts of aid, and command a small army of mercenary guards.

Forces of Law

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